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Smiths Medical discontinues Deltec Cozmo pump   (March 30, 2009)

I was floored (figuratively speaking) to receive a snail-mail message signed by Richard Thomas, Vice President, Global Diabetes, Smiths Medical North America, that Smiths is discontinuing the Cozmo insulin pump. For several reasons: not the least of which is that I use a Cozmo pump myself. And the fact that it was sent by snail-mail, rather than e-mail -- they have my e-mail address, and send me their "Just Coz" newsletter. The last copy, by the way, from mid-March, was full of the usual joyous news about how good their pump is.

And it is. The Deltec Cozmo pump, IMHO, is the best pump out there.

But Smiths has opted to "manage a well-controlled exit from the Diabetes business over time." Well-managed: Ha! When I as an endocrinologist learn about the discontinuation 5 days after the announcement, they really don't care. And when I call the number on the letter, and get disconnected TWICE after prolonged times on hold, this is a company that really doesn't care any more.

For those of you who have an urge to see BS in action (and I don't mean Blood Sugar), see their website,

And stay tuned. When I finally got through to a customer service rep, I requested that I get an interview with Mr. Thomas tomorrow. Let's see if they will honor my request.


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