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Press Release

The New Face of Diabetes Forecast

American Diabetes Associationís Renewed Commitment to the Healthy Living Magazine

Alexandria, VA
May 31, 2012
Contacts Lauren Gleason 703-549-1500 ext. 2622

The June issue of Diabetes Forecast is all new—with a modern, fresh look and a sharp focus on diabetes. Diabetes Forecast, a publication of the American Diabetes Association, is the country’s premier magazine about diabetes.

The new Diabetes Forecast will place a spotlight on the diabetes self-care behaviors: healthy eating, physical activity, medication, monitoring, problem solving, coping and risk reduction. From food tips to fitness recommendations to the latest developments in research, Diabetes Forecast provides people living with diabetes, and their families, the information and encouragement needed to lead healthier lives.

“As part of Diabetes Forecast’s renewed commitment to be the go-to source for the nearly 26 million Americans who are living with diabetes, each issue will provide content and stories that address all of the self-care behaviors, making sure people have all the information possible to make healthy decisions,” said Kelly Rawlings, Editorial Director of Diabetes Forecast. “Backed by the American Diabetes Association’s experts and contributors, Diabetes Forecast is the country’s healthy living magazine.”

Through new and exciting features, readers can learn about the latest developments in diabetes care and treatment, and how to take action to control all types of diabetes. Quick-read pages offer tips for healthy living, clear explanation of complex diabetes science and real-life inspiration from people living well with diabetes.

Check out these new monthly features in the June issue:

  • By the Plate: Need a full meal deal—an easy-to-prepare main-dish recipe and side-dish suggestions—with complete nutritional information? For people counting carbohydrates, calories and more, this new feature takes the guesswork out of enjoying a satisfying meal. In the June issue, rise and shine with Breakfast for One, a morning meal that is sure to start off the day in a healthy way!
  • Makeover Favorite: Have a favorite recipe that needs a few health tweaks? Food Editor Robyn Webb, MS, LN, lightens up comfort-food recipes submitted by readers, providing healthier versions that are just as delicious. This month’s makeover, Cornbread Muffins, saves on calories and fat, but not on taste.
  • Reader Panel: Sharing information and inspiration is a key role of Diabetes Forecast and the Association. To reflect the diversity of the millions of Americans who live with diabetes, Diabetes Forecast has created its first reader panel. Each member lives with diabetes and/or provides care for a loved one with diabetes. Meet the members who will provide support, review magazine content and serve as ambassadors to the diabetes community.

The June issue also contains the following great reads:

  • Art Appreciation: Art Smith, Oprah Winfrey’s former personal chef, shares his healthy-living secrets with Diabetes Forecast. Smith tells how his diagnosis of type 2 diabetes led him to lose 100 pounds and develop exercise and eating habits that serve him well today. There’s even a workout playlist of some of Smith’s favorite tunes.
  • The Parent’s Guide to Diabetes: Learning that your young child has diabetes can be an emotional and overwhelming time for parents. This month, read sanity-saving tips from experts and parents of children with diabetes, and learn more about the resources available to help parents with this transition.
  • Flavor Passport: Healthful eating doesn’t need to be dull. Diabetes Forecast takes three of our best-loved cuisines—Italian, Mexican and Chinese—and creates diabetes-friendly menus that show what’s been lost in translation.

Sign up for a print subscription to Diabetes Forecast and automatically become enrolled as a member of the American Diabetes Association. Member benefits include exclusive discounts such as Gold’s Gym, Nutrisystem® D™ and American Medical ID to help people lead healthier lives.

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From the American Diabetes Association

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